Lauren Phillips & Paisley Porter, A Taboo Relationship Between A MILF, Her Husband, And Their Goddaughter, 4K Ultra HD

Pure Taboo is without a doubt one of the best adult fantasy drama producers of 2021, and luckily we get to stream all of their video content on Roku in glorious 4K Ultra HD!

“You’ll Always Have A Home With Us” has just been added to the Pure Taboo Roku Channel and features pornstars Lauren Phillips and Paisley Porter. Busty redhead MILF Lauren Phillips and her husband decide to take in their goddaughter, played by Paisley Porter, after an accident had left her without a home. It’s only a matter of time before the horny house guest wants more from her godparents. She wants to have a taboo threesome…

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Lauren Phillips and her husband Dick, are disturbed one night by a knock at the door. It’s their goddaughter, Paisley. It turns out her parents have been killed in an awful car crash. Being the caring couple they are, Lauren and Dick decide to let Paisley come live with them and share their home.

Little do they know, Paisley Porter only knows one way to grieve. And that’s by fucking everyone she can get her hands on. Even her godparents!

Paisley quickly moves from acting sad to inserting herself into every aspect of their lives to achieve her goal. She wants to have sex with Lauren Phillips and her husband. And she won’t stop until the three of them are sleeping together. The story is a taboo, older / younger, threesome fantasy I think you’ll enjoy.

Video Screenshots: Younger Paisley Porter Fucks Big Tit MILF Lauren Phillips & Her Husband

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