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Future Darkly: A Pandemic Lockdown Sex Fantasy Porn Video Starring Cherie DeVille Streaming On Fire TV

The latest episode of Pure Taboo’s Future Darkly: Pandemic is now streaming on the Adult Time Network. Watch this terrifying adult drama series from director Bree Mills in 4K Ultra HD on Fire TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles, PC, and mobile at

Pandemic is set in a futuristic world that has been under strict quarantine for years after a virus outbreak. Physical contact with others is forbidden, but physical pleasure is necessary. Welcome to the new normal.

The new Pure Taboo fantasy series is directed by the highly celebrated Bree Mills and features MILF pornstar Cherie DeVille playing the role of Kate, a woman alone, terrified of becoming infected, but in need of sexual release.

Trailer: Cherie DeVille In Future Darkly: Pandemic

Turn on your Fire TV streamer tonight and watch something that is far from your typical porn video. Different from anything that’s been featured here at Adult Channels Guide up until now. Future Darkly is a gritty, Netflix-like adult drama, but with uncensored sex scenes. Watch Pandemic and other Future Darkly adult fantasy dramas exclusively at, part of the Adult Time Network.

This episode of Future Darkly: Pandemic opens with Cherie DeVille as Kate, alone in bed. She lays stiff under the bright white sheets. The smell of bleach strong the air. Suddenly she awakens with a deep, panicked breath, still wearing her protective goggles and oxygen mask. The virus is still here…

Pornstar Cherie DeVille stars in the new sci-fi fantasy porn drama Pandemic, on the Pure Taboo Adult Roku Channel
Cherie DeVille in Future Darkly: Pandemic

Kate is overcome with her agoraphobia. Once a highly active sexual being, she is now terrified of the virus. She remembers when she would start each day with an intense orgasm, laying in bed masturbating to a new lover, or fucking her favorite dildo. Those days are gone. She spends her days scrubbing, cleaning, and sanitizing everything. She’s had no contact, let alone sexual experiences, in 4 years. The lockdown is taking a brutal emotional toll.

Her daily cleaning routine has consumed her. Addictively cleaning and sanitizing the same items day after day. The doorknobs, the countertops, the window sills… Constantly washing her hands. “Am I out of hand sanitizer?”

Pure Taboo Presents Future Darkly: Pandemic

Suddenly, her phone rings. She’s become so introverted and paranoid, that even answering her phone feels unsafe. On the answering machine, Kate’s sister leaves a frustrated message. She left some house plants on Kate’s porch days ago and wants her to bring them inside before they die. “Is it safe to open the door?”

She cracks the front door. Using a long grabber stick, Kate sticks her gloved hand out the door and stretches to pull the plants inside. But she can’t reach. “I can’t go out there.” After a few minutes of struggling to drag the plants inside, daring not to breach the threshold of the door, she gives up.

Kate immediately heads to the shower, grabbing a fresh bottle of disinfectant on the way. She scrubs her body to disinfect herself. “Could I have been exposed??”

As she furiously scrubs her skin, her mind wanders. She remembers how it used to be. Bustling streets, people chatting, hugging, loving each other, no masks, no awkward hesitation. People having sex, kissing, fucking. It’s been so long.

A man appears in her daydream. Kate licks her lips and she begins to caress her body. She misses being touched. She wants to cum again, over and over as she used to before the Pandemic hit, before the lockdown. She visualizes his mask falling to the ground, before being stomped on by the boots.

All she can think of is having him inside her, his cock filling her pussy, his mouth on her nipples, her clit. She starts fingering her pussy and immediately starts to cum. Her day is just getting started…

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