Bake Me A Cake, Charlie Forde, 4K Ultra HD

Bake me a cake, she said…

You’re gonna love this new 4K scene from Charlie Forde. Mom is baking a cake in the kitchen, trying her best not to pay attention to Charlie, who is rubbing, kissing, squeezing away. She pulls out mommy’s tits to give them a suck, mom keeps mixing.

Mommy has great tits BTW, and pierced nipples. With a wooden spoon in one hand, mom fucks Charlie’s pussy with a long wooden pestle. Gotta finish this cake!

Mother finally completes her cake and washes the dishes, bent over the sink, as Charlie eats her out from behind. The kitchen is all clean and mother gives Charlie a good pussy licking on the countertop. Charlie Forde cums like a freight train on mommy’s lips before ending the scene in a loving embrace. I guess mom wanted a slice of Charlie’s pie to go with that cake!

Fire up your Roku streamer and watch this flick on the Adult Empire Roku channel in 4K Ultra HD.

Mom is played by Chasey Devil. I hope to see more of this babe!

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