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Grinders Part 4 Starring Lucky Fate, Maya Woulfe Now Streaming On The Adult Time Fire TV App and Chromecast

Watch the latest episode of Adult Time’s newest sex drama production, Grinders, available to stream in 4K UHD on Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and mobile.

Grinders is a 4 part adult drama series inspired by 1990’s skater movies from 2022 AVN Director of the Year Ricky Greenwood. The series follows a 90’s skater kid named Lucky, played by Lucky Fate, who can’t stay away from the lawless temptations of the rebellious skater life in Los Angeles.

Lucky Fate, 90's skater kid in Los Angeles from the movie Grinders on the Adult Time Fire TV channel.

Grinders Movie Synopsis: “Grinders is a 90s-inspired coming-of-age movie filmed in the no-rules skateboard aesthetic of that era. Lucky is a 20+ yr old skateboarder at a crossroads in his life. As he wanders the city, landing tricks and running into old friends and new enemies, we are treated to glimpses of the sex lives of those around him. With Lucky slowly coming out of his shell, he gets back in touch with his longtime crush Morgan. But soon after, he’s faced with the toughest choice of his life. Will Lucky make the right decision?” –

Lucky Fate and Maya Woulfe in Grinders, new Netflix-like adult drama series from Adult Time.

In episode 4, Lucky and his current love interest Maya Woulfe party the night away with their skater friends at an abandoned warehouse. The music is cranked up and they party like it’s 1999. Actually, it is 1999! At the stroke of midnight when the party is raging, Lucky and Maya make their way to the roof to make love under the night sky to the sounds of the LA traffic below.

The rooftop sex scene between Lucky Fate and Maya Woulfe is passionate and intense. You can almost feel the heat from their young lust. Or is it love? This is a very fun series to watch. The acting, directing, and sex scenes are all spot on. I highly recommend watching the whole Grinders series if you are an Adult Time member. If you aren’t a member, you can watch the trailer here.

Subscribe to Adult Time for as little as $1 and stream the entire Grinders series. Grinders is an Adult Time Original Series. Adult Time Originals are some of the highest quality adult drama productions on the web with engaging plots and incredible sex scenes. Brand new episodes are released daily and uploaded to the Adult Time members area.

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