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Free Use Industries, New Adult Time Original Series On Fire TV

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The Free Use in Free Use Industries refers to being free to use a person for sex whenever you want, anytime, anywhere. Joanna Angel is the CEO of Free Use Industries and she gives her clients exactly what they want, whenever they want it. Her newest employee, trans pornstar Jade Venus is about to find out just how inconvenient being an employee of Free Use Industries really is.

Trailer: Trans Pornstar Jade Venus Gets Hired At Free Use Industries

Jade Venus has a day job as a therapist and she’s in the middle of a session with a lesbian couple when her client, Charlotte Sins from Free Use Industries barges in and uses the secret passphrase “Expect the unexpected.”

Free Use Industries has a strict policy, when the passphrase is spoken, you must perform your duty. Even if it’s in the middle of a therapy session! Charlotte Sins wants to get fucked, and Jade Venus is obliged to deliver some hard trans cock.

I don’t think Jade’s two lesbian patients will ever be the same. It’s a shame they didn’t join in! Watch over 60,000 trans and straight adult video scenes at Adult Time is Porn Done Differently.

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