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Watching Her Cheat In Her First Time Lesbian Threeway

April Olsen is watching her girlfriend cheat for the first time, with two lesbian friends. Can she handle it? Will it turn her on or will it be too much? Watch the newest episode of the adult series Watch Her Cheat on the Adult Time Fire TV app in 4K Ultra HD or on Chromecast, PC, Mac, & mobile devices at

April Olsen watching her girlfriend cheat with two hot lesbian friends.
April Olsen watching her girlfriend Casey Calvert cheat

Charlie Valentine and Gizelle Blanco are on a double date with Casey Calvert and April Olsen. Both couples met on a lesbian-only dating app. It’s like Tinder but just for lesbians. Casey and April have been dating each other for three years after meeting on the app, Casey wants to spice up their sex life.

April Olsen watches her girlfriend have sex with two lesbians from Tinder. New series on the Adult Time Fire TV App.
Watching Her Cheat / New On The Adult Time Fire TV App

Charlie and Gizelle are the first lesbian couple they’ve hooked up with and Casey is excited to bring some other girls into the mix. When Charlie asks how April feels about having group sex with other girls, April tells her that she wants to watch them fuck Casey first. Charlie and Gizelle are happy to oblige!

April Olsen slides back in her chair and watches Charlie and Gizelle caress and kiss her girlfriend. Her pussy is quivering as she watches them touch Casey. She can’t believe she’s watching her girlfriend have a lesbian threesome! She is so totally turned on that she lifts up her skirt and starts masturbating while she watches the two lick Casey’s pussy. April wants to cum while she watches them make Casey cum.

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