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Jennifer White is quite the protective stepmother. She won’t let anyone fuck her stepdaughter Mickey unless they fuck Mommy first. When she catches Mickey on the couch making out with her new boyfriend, Jennifer reminds her that Mom gets to sample that big black dick first!

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MILF stepmom Jennifer White catches her stepdaughter with a black guy and wants to see his big black cock
Stepmom Jennifer White catches her daughter with a black guy

MILF stepmom Jennifer White comes downstairs in the middle of the night to find her stepdaughter Mickey making out with her new black boyfriend on the couch. Ace seems like a lovely young man and Jennifer tells him, “you can fuck my stepdaughter on one condition, you gotta fuck Mommy with that big black dick first!”

Trailer: Wanna Fuck My Stepdaughter? Gotta Fuck Mommy First!

Ace is blown away by her proposition. Is this lady crazy? Is she some kind of nympho? Wait, this is a dream come true. Getting to fuck a hot busty Mom AND her stepdaughter at the same time?!?! Hell yeah! “Let Mommy see that big black dick,” she tells him. “I wanna suck on it.”

Stepmother sucks off her daughter new black boyfriend
Jennifer White sucks off her stepdaughter’s new black boyfriend

Mickey watches in amazement as her insatiable busty stepmom strokes and sucks on her boyfriend’s hard cock. “She better not make him cum and ruin my night!” she thinks to herself. After several minutes of sucking and stroking, Jennifer gives a nod of approval and invites Mickey Violet to join in for a threesome.

Stepdaughter Mickey Violet watches her mommy fuck her new black boyfriend
Mickey Violet watches her stepmother ride his hard black cock

The fact that her stepmom is involved doesn’t seem to bother Mickey and she is more than happy to lick Mommy’s pussy as it slides up and down her boyfriend’s long hard cock. She even sucks on Mom’s big tits while she gets fucked.

Busty MILF stepmom Jennifer White fucks a big black cock with her stepdaughter
Interracial threesome with Jennifer White and Mickey Violet

I don’t think Ace could have possibly dreamed that he would be fucking his girlfriend and her stepmom in an interracial threesome when he woke up this morning. One thing’s for sure though, he’s gonna schedule a second date with Mickey!

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