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AEBN Video On Demand For Chromecast, Unlimited Streaming With X-Pass

AEBN Adult Video On Demand & Unlimited Streaming On Chromecast With X-Pass

AEBN is an adult video on demand platform that offers new adult video releases for purchase or rental that you can stream or download. AEBN is compatible with Chromecast, Google TV, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and mobile devices. Create your own porn video library or stream unlimited movies with AEBN’s X-Pass Unlimited Streaming Package.

There are well over 100,000 full-length adult movies and 500,000+ individual scenes to stream or download at AEBN and you can view screenshots and streaming video previews for each title. Browse all movies.

There are 5 ways to watch your porn from AEBN: Pay-Per-Minute Streaming, 48hr streaming rentals, Stream 4 Life, Download + Stream 4 Life, and X-Pass Unlimited Streaming. Read on to learn more about each option.

Pay-Per-Minute Streaming

Pay-Per-Minute Streaming is exactly what it sounds like. You purchase minutes to spend on streaming videos. You can buy blocks of minutes ranging from 15 minutes for $3.95 up to 1000 minutes for $84.95. When you click PLAY on a video at, your minutes start rolling. You can also purchase minute subscriptions to automatically add minutes to your account each month. The subscriptions will save you about 10% versus buying blocks individually.

Pay-Per-Minute Streaming is fully compatible with Chromecast and works well on Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles.

Get Free Streaming Minutes To Spend On Adult Video On Demand

Unlimited Streaming With X-Pass

AEBN’s newest offering is the X-Pass Unlimited Streaming package. For $14.99 a month you get to stream all you want from a selection of about 5,000 full-length adult movies and 21,000 individual scenes. Generally, these videos aren’t brand new releases but there are plenty of big-name porn studios to choose from, a nice variety of genres, and even some 4K ultra HD content.

About 100 new full-length adult movies are added to X-Pass each week. You can stream everything from X-Pass on Chromecast, Google TV, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and mobile and a new Fire TV app is coming soon.

With your X-Pass subscription, you’ll also get 30 streaming minutes added to your account for free each month that you can spend on premium video on demand titles.

In addition, X-Pass subscribers get 5% OFF all purchases made through This includes video on demand minutes, Stream 4 Life titles, streaming rentals, and movie downloads.

Popular X-Pass Movies

Streaming Rentals, Downloads & Stream 4 Life

Streaming rentals at AEBN work much the same way as renting movies from Google TV or Redbox. You’ll pick a title, add it to the shopping cart, and proceed to checkout. Once you have paid for the rental, it is added to your AEBN library, then it’s yours to watch as many times as you want for 48 hours. Keep in mind that the 48-hour clock starts ticking as soon as you make the purchase, so don’t rent until you are ready to watch!

Stream 4 Life movies are permanently added to your AEBN library once purchased and you can watch them for as long as you have an AEBN account.

Downloads work just like Stream 4 Life movies in that they are added to your AEBN library once purchased. Goto your AEBN library and you will see a DOWNLOAD link next to the movie. These titles will also be available to you in streaming format if you want to watch them while you’re out and about on your mobile devices.

New AEBN/X-Pass Videos & Updates