Pornhub Premium Now Accepts Bitcoin & Litecoin As Payment

Pay for your Pornhub Premium Roku Channel with Bitcoin and Litecoin

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be happy to learn that you can now pay your Pornhub Premium Roku Channel subscription fees with Bitcoin and Litecoin. Pornhub also accepts the Verge and Tron cryptocurrencies as payment methods since 2018. Learn more about the Pornhub Roku Channel or add Pornhub to your Roku device here. Want to learn more about cryptocurrency or purchase your first Bitcoin? Check out Binance.US.

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The Pornhub Roku Channel Is Now Working Properly

The Pornhub Roku Channel is Fixed! Hooray!

For those of you that have been struggling with the video playback and connection issues on the Pornhub Roku Channel, the issue has been resolved. You may want to uninstall the app from your Roku device and reinstall if any problems persist. You will have to reconnect your Roku to your Pornhub Premium account after a reinstall. If you aren’t a Pornhub Premium subscriber, and you want to be one, you can get a free 7 day trial or learn more about the Pornhub Roku Channel.

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Free Roku Porn Channels?

Do Free Roku Porn Channels Exist?

I get emails from time to time asking if there are any free Roku porn channels. The short answer is yes. But the catch is that they are only FREE for a week. After all, alot of work goes into running an adult Roku channel and we can’t expect our favorite pornstars to work for free, can we? Both Sugar Instant and Pornhub Premium offer free Roku porn channels for one week, after which you will have to pay the monthly subscription fee. Both of these adult Roku channels have…

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